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hey guys so here is the mid range custom gaming rig that can be used as a gaming pc and work station as well it features intel's one of the latest gen core i cpu with water cooling a latest chipset mother board and some cool looking led RAM and a cpu case with window on its side to show off your fancy tech

for this build we have chosen a intel core i5 cpu from the 7gen which is core i5 7600k this cpu have 4 cores and 4 threads and it is based on 14 nm lithgraphy the base frequancy of the cpu is 3.8 ghz and max turbo is 4.2ghz but, since this cpu is overclockable cpu you can boost it up to 4.5ghz as well or if are capable to manage a sufficient cpu coolitn solution you can go even futher than 4.5ghz,
since this cpu has a LGA1151 socket we have had chosen a latest Z270 motherboard from ASRock which is ASRock Z270 pro 4 motherboard this is a ATX motherboard and the motherboard supports dual channel ddr4 RAM



it has two PCIe 3.0 X16 slots for the graphics cards PCIe 3.0 x1, 1 PCI, 1 M.2 (Key E) and it supports multiple graphics cards in sli configuration for intel and crossfire for amd,and for USB you get 8USB 3.0 one of them is type C,5 at rear I/O,and 2 at front, the motherboard is intel's optane memory ready which means you can upgrade your cpu with optane memory in the future to get the desired performance from the same RIG for the storage this board supports 6SATA 3 and 2 Ultra M.2 drives,board is also equipped with 7.14 channel HD audio onboard

the board also features HDMI, DVI-D, D-Sub,which means it can support atleast 3 monitors without any problem now for the speed the computer doesnot rely on cpu speed only but it requires a good speed RAM as well and to fullfill that we chose corsair LPX LED RAM with the speed of 3000Mhz
and as the name says the RAM comes with LED lights on top of it with nice breathing effect and thats it for the RAM
and now coming to the cpu cooling option we seleted the cooler maseter seidon120v and this varient support LGA 1151 socket type that means it will sit poroperly on top of the cpu it comes with 120mm radiator and 120mm pwm fan and most importantly it is closed loop system which means you wont have to be worried about the maintanance of the cooling system for a while
it also comes with a thermal paste from cooler master as well so you dont have to fing a after market thermal paste if you don't want to and that concludes to cpu cooling now for the storage we recommend one 120gb ssd for the essetial things such as OS,productive software,games,etc



for the mass storage we recommend a 2TB HDD and a 2TB portable HDD(optional), since this is a gaming RIG we must need at least a fair enough graphics card that will be nvidia gtx 1050ti from the zotac and this graphic card is 4gb one and it is GDDR5 card which means it will provide you an average performance of 30-60fps according to your game settings, this card comes with HDMI,DVI,and display port, now to power up the entire system we chose to go with the corsair VS450

this psu is Full ATX psu this one in not the modular one but it can work for while without any problem, now to put together the entire system we are gointo go whit antec GX200 cabinet that features full atx board support atleast 4 pcie slots at the back two intake fans at the front and two USB3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports up the front and one big clear window on the side to show off your custom RIG

you can put 4HDDs and two SSDs int the case well we have little issue about the cable management though but after spending some time for the cable management you can put together everything properly and for the input we recommend any type of gaming keyboard and mouse and a one proper HD monitor to play and work with and this build can cost you around 8O thousand INDIAN RUPEES so that it for this built and if you decide to build a similar device do share the results you get with your RIG.

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