SteelSeries The SIMs 4 Gaming Headset 51161

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₹   515.00

SteelSeries The SIMs 4 Gaming Headset 51161 Discription


Sims 4 Integration and Customization

Plumbobs on each side of the headset light up, pulsate and shift color depending on Sims emotional state

Detailed and crisp in-game audio ensures you hear everything the Sims has to offer

A cloth headband and soft ear cushions offer long-lasting comfort

The headsets lightweight, on-ear design makes it easy to wear for hours and hours

Integrated microphone is built right into the headset and also provides a quick mute button

Plug in and play right away via the USB connection for PC and Mac, or tweak the headsets lighting options when not in game with SteelSeries Engine 3




Item Height
23.6 Centimeters

Item Width
8.7 Centimeters

Item Weight
281 g
Product Dimensions
19.1 x 8.7 x 23.6 cm

Cable 2m
SteelSeries Engine 3 Support
Plug & Play via USB port for PC / Mac
Headphone: Transmission range 20Hz-20kHz
Headphone: Impedance 32Ohm
Microphone: Transmission range 50Hz-16kHz
Microphone: Recording type Omnidirectional
Microphone: Sensitivity -38
Microphone: Impedance 2200ohm



Additional adjustment of the lighting of the headset can also be made outside of the game via the Steelseries Engine 3 software. Assign certain colors to games and apps or turn the lights off completely. Just like playing The Sims 4, you can control yourself.

The design of this headset has made sure that look and feel is exactly the same style as the Sims 4 universe. In many details from the Plumbob lighting to the color design of the headset, the love for the Sims is mirrored. All this will enable you to feel as part of the game.

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