5 Affordable Gaming Mouse

By Nimesh tandel |on August ,09,2017

AS Everyone Has Have Seen On Our Website That We Do Not Only Deliver You A Tech News But
We Also Make Gaming Or Customized Computers As Well
And For Those Who Likes To Customize Their Pc By Them Selves
Here We Have Some Suggestion For Them These Are All Wired Gaming Mouse And You Can Buy Them Under 1000 INR
Well These Are Not High Performance Or Higher End Gaming Mouse But
Mice Will Help You To Get Your Work Done In Affordable Price
And Some Of Them Are Around 500INR
And This List Of Them Are As Following

1) MARVO Scorpion Inforest Wired Gaming Mouse Wired Gaming Mouse
This Mouse Can Cost Around 500-600INR
With 6 Functional Buttons And Variable Dpi Settings
2)Tecknet M268 Raptor Black Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
This Mouse Can Cost Around 650-750INR
Comes With USB 3.0 Support And 6 Funtional Buttons
3) Dragon War ELE-G9 Red Gear ThorBlueSensorwith Marco Funtion Mouse Wired Gaming Mouse
This Mouse Can Cost Around 850-100 INR And One That Has Good Esthetics As Well And We Believe
This One Is One Of The Popular Mice In Low Cost Gaming Mice
4) Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar Upto 3000DPI 6 Button, 7 Color LED Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
This Is The One That We Are Using For Our Own Systems
Reason Being We Liked The Design And Aesthetics This One Will Cos T Around 500-600INR And Performs Good Enough
5) Gamdias Demeter E1 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
This One Is A Very Good Looking Gaming Mouse Among This List Of Mice In This Article
And Cheap As Well Because It Cost Only Around 500 INRs

So This Was The List Guys Hope We Were Able To Help You Find A Suitable Gaming Mouse That Wont Cut Your Pocket A Big Hole
Stay Tuned For The Similar Topics And We Will Get You Some More List Like This One

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